j9九游备用官网: Campus life

    School of Law encourages students to engage in activities and provides platforms to show thier talents. Various students associations are established for students to develop thier insterests and make friends, inluding Change Now Club, Bailu Han Costume Society, Starlight Chinese Opera Society, Lanting Calligraph Association, Cartoon Society of Jilin University, Association of Academic Debates, Association of Legal Aids, Legal Education Association, Legal English Association, Legal Explorer Association, Legal Pratitioner Association and Legal M.M. Association. 

    Our campus is well eqiupped with living falicities. There are gymnasiums, swimming pools, soccer fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts and a movie cinima. The Law School is committed to creating and maintaining a community where students can not only enjoy life and achieve their career dreams, but also build social networks and friendships.

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