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JLU School of Law Wins First Prize in the International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition

SOURCE :     TIME: 2023-04-07

From March 18 to 19, International Criminal Court Moot Court Competition (the 10th Chinese National Round 2023) was held online. With a total of 62 university teams participating, JLU team won the first prize in the final competition.

The competition was organized by China University of Political Science and Law and International Criminal Court, it requires the participants to defense regarding jurisdiction of ICC, crime against humanity and evidence effect of UN investigation reports. Since the competition announcement was released, JLU school of Law has attached great importance and the team was effectively organized. Wei Xiaoxu, faculty member of JLU School of Law, served as the coach, undergraduate student Lin Keyu served as the team leader, and undergraduate students Chen Jiahao, Ye Siwei,  Qi Ziyu, Wang Siyu and Wu Yilin served as the team members. Undergraduate students Fu Ruoyu and Pei Xinyi participated as researchers. Meanwhile, PhD candidates in international law Zhao Jianzhou and Geng Siwen, as well as undergraduate students Yu Runtian and Pan Jiaxin, jointly serve as members of the coaching team, providing important support for training practice.

Under the guidance of professors He Zhipeng, Yao Ying, Associate Professor Zhao Haile, the representative team has conducted various training such as case study, legal retrieval and debating. The team members not only deepened their understanding in international law, but also made progress in court defense skills and improve effective teamwork. In the coming future, the entire team will prepare for the upcoming 2023 International Criminal Court Chinese Moot Court Competition.

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