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Lecture:Global IP Challenges & Opportunities of the Digital Era

SOURCE :     TIME: 2023-04-14

Last week, Professor Elena Beier from the University of St Petersburg State University, gave an online lecture to JLU School of Law. The theme of the lecture is “Global IP Challenges & Opportunities of the Digital Era". Dingxin Scholar Associate Professor Qi Yingcheng hosted the lecture.

The first part of the lecture is about the challenges faced by global intellectual property in the digital age. Professor Elena Beier discussed the following four aspects : the rapid development of technology may lead to emergence of new objects in intellectual property; the development of law lags behind the advance of technologies; the collection, storage, and use of data brings about a series of issues; the emergence of new intellectual property objects with commercial potential, such as medical and biotechnological skills, and big data processing technology, has brought challenges and difficulties to global intellectual property. In the second part, Professor Elena Beier explained the articles and items relating to copyright under the Berne Convention. In the third part, Professor Elena Beier elaborated on the content of patents and pointed out that patents grant exclusive rights to an invention. In the fourth part, Professor Elena Beier discussed the content of trademarks.

In the final Q&A session, the participants actively interacted with Professor Elena Beier. The lecture has displayed JLU School of Laws efforts to establish an academic platform of internationalization and has received good feedback.

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